For women, hair like a crown king position which must be maintained. Just a little, hair loss can look dull or harm the appearance of a woman when dealing with their social environment.

Unfortunately, the challenges women to keep up appearances more weight, in addition to environmental conditions, growing psychological pressure. The reason, in the midst of the hustle and bustle hireaki modern society, women are always required to appear prima. Departing from the demands of reason, women are often attacked by stress that leads to hair loss.

"Modern women are significantly threatened the risk of stress through a barrage of pressure," said a hair expert, as quoted from Bessam Farjo dailymail Tuesday (14 / 9). He explains, today's modern woman is facing a far greater pressure than previous generations. As such, tuntuan profession serving as a career woman, housewife and a wife.

According Farjo, departing from the pressures that a woman's body reacts by producing free radicals which cause a lot of damage such as damaged or hair loss. "In addition to stress, hair loss is also influenced by poor diet, lack of iron in the body, changes in hormone production after childbirth and other influences," said Farjo.

Apart from psychological and environmental pressure, hair loss in women is also influenced by inherited genes. If the gene is inherited from the mother is a kind of thin hair that is certainly the greater risk of loss.

Psychologist Linda Papadopuolos said in the hair of any culture is the identity and attractiveness of women. "We live in a time that prioritizes the factors that affect its appearance on the price of one's self," he said. Papadopuolos mention naturally women will experience hair loss normally between 50-100 hairs a day.

Separately hair expert Philip Kingsley K, says there is an easy way to find out whether a person's hair classified as healthy or not. The way look at the amount of hair falling out for a month. Kingsley admitted makeup artist or hair though many outstanding but only a few were really understand hair.

Because of that, he said, every individual must know the character of her own hair before starting treatment. "Put simply, the hair is made of proteins is important for you to increase the consumption of foods high in protein such as eggs, fish, and meat," he said.